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Why do?

Why do eyes burn. When i do things that i dont want to. Why does heart sink, when i expect the unexpected. Why does my face glows, when i dont expect the expected, Why does i think all the time about you, when i should be thinking all the time about myself, Why do i […]

Updates of Life.

Its almost 75 days since i blogged last time. Lot of people ask me, why I am not so regular while blogging, updating my blog. Well here I am. A trip to Kerala, Indore, And Bhutan. Kerala was a very good business trip. Indore also work cum plesure and Bhutan Pure fun. Also have turned […]

The Traits of being a human.

No matter how many times i try not to be human, I am reminded I am. I always think that i am important in few people’s life, but it matters most when they think same about me. That i am important in their life. Is it Ego which hurts me most, or me showing signs […]

Here comes the scorching heat and pulpy mangoes!

๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ All i can do i smile by thinking about this upcoming summer. It reminds me of many many past summers, scorching heat and wonderful time I have had in the past. Initially it was, going to rajasthan asap and spending as much time there as much possible. I remember people asking ” Gaon […]

Get Life Back : Be a Man

The time I entered college,ย  I was in my teens, fascinated about gadgets, technology, girls. Had pimples on face which worried me the most.ย  College was meant to make us men. Men who could go to world and face it and conquer it. There were many aspects of being men, earn livelihood, become famous, be […]

Get Life Back : Wake up Jit

Every time when I sleep late. There is a dilemma in my mind. Things donโ€™t slow down. They run by same pace. Say if I have slept at 4am and the alarm clock is 9.30am. And if I wake up at 9.20, the tension starts. I say to myself oh god only 10 more minutes […]

The Story of 1/4 mark and my life.

The Story of 1/4 mark and my life. What is 1/4 mark. The school life was fun. The papers were not. There were lots of school tests and other tests. There was one english paper, which i thought i was good at. But there was one big issue. I never got full marks in that […]