Why do?

Why do eyes burn. When i do things that i dont want to.

Why does heart sink, when i expect the unexpected.

Why does my face glows, when i dont expect the expected,

Why does i think all the time about you, when i should be thinking all the time about myself,

Why do i see no bad in you, when i should be seeing the truth,

Why dont i listen to my mom, when i should be listening to her.

Why do i use my heart, when i should be using my super brain,

Why do i wake everday, when i should be sleeping,

Why do i end up same song everday, when I should be listening to all songs in my ipod.

Why do  i watch same movie again and again, when i should be watching billion movies listed on IMDB,’

Why do i go to same restaurant and order same stuff, when menu has zillion items,

Why do i wear same shirt and jeans again and again, when my wardrobe is running out of space,

Why do i drink same coffee at CCD, where i should be trying new stuff,

Why do  few friends matter more, when there are so many,

Why do one person gets so importance, when all are good with me,

Why do i get upset with my sister often, when i should be giving her treat for supporting me,

Why do I wake up late nights, when i know its good to get up,

why do i skip difficult part again and again, when its helps me best,

why do i eat sabji i like least, and people think i liked it most an they serve me more.

Why do i eat that extra roti, cake, when  i know skipping is what matters most.

Why why why 🙂

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