The Story of 1/4 mark and my life.

The Story of 1/4 mark and my life.

What is 1/4 mark.

The school life was fun. The papers were not. There were lots of school tests and other tests.

There was one english paper, which i thought i was good at. But there was one big issue. I never got full marks in that subject. Even big essays we never got marks in

full integers. There was always a half or 1/4 mark deduction. At that poing of time it was a big injustice. Everytime I got 1/4 mark less i would make promise to

myself that i would make it better next time. No matter what happens i will score better next time.

Every 1/4 marks that i had to strugle, made me realise that i could do better then what i had done this time,aslo made me look for perfection.  Told be never to be

satisfied with what i had done and keep looking for better.

The constant fight for that 1/4 mark between me and my school teacher. It was hard to get that 1/4 mark. Everytime I was pained that i had done so nicely and that

deserved that extra 1/4 mark.

The think everytime i lost 1/4th mark. I gained in personal life. The 7 3/4, the 8 3/4.

Today when i laugh at my strugle for that 1/4the mark in school life. I feel good that 1/4 mark was cut. I attribute my sucess to every mark cut and the person who

helped us to become what we are. Mam Prerna Jain.

Mam. Thanks for being there for me.

The best person and woman i know.

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