Category: Daily Musings

Its time now

Its time. One day i woke up and realised its time. What happened to me? All of sudden? Time for what? Time to choose between quality and quanitity. Time to choose between deciding the two paths of life. Time to decide core philosophy of life, I am going to live. Time to choose minimalism. Time […]

My First Camera and Beyond

The camera is a magical device; it captures the moment. In a single click, the time is frozen.  The moment that will tickle your brain in future, remind you of past, make you happy or sad and evoke your emotions. My experience with photography goes back to school days when film cameras ruled the world. […]

The value creation

This morning, the cup of coffee was super hot, As soon as I picked it up, it spilled. All coffee was on the floor. The floor soaked with coffee, the worse feeling to start the day. Quickly i realised, I should have been extra careful. Same is with Value creation, you must be extra careful […]

A Post a day, keeps stress Away

I have heard from a lot of friends, that if you write it takes away all the stress and makes you happy. This is what I plan to do. For next 30 days, I am going to write something everyday. I am going to write about anything and everything. What I feel, No holding back […]

My Weight gain Journey

It all started with 2002. The year i completed my engineering and came to Mumbai. I used to live with my cousin and we used to cook our own food. The food was a feast everyday. Unlimited. Eat still stomach hurts. We used to eat twice required.  May be it was the detox from leaving […]

Overwhelemed by choice! 43 best booker books. 1 every year. Can we read them in a year’s time.? What happens to other award winners? Do we read them? Imdb 100 of movies every year, we cant see all of them, what do we do? So much to choose and so less time to do. Do you ever […]

Things I plan to do in 2013 : One at at time

These are things i want to do in 2013 not in specific order. Gratitude Make Playlist for Music Most Important Things Slow Down Backups of things Bill Payments / Reminders / Alarm Brush Teeth / Floss Clear Inbox Compassion Create Something DIsconnect Phone /TV/ for some time in a day Dump Bad Habits Eat Real […]

This is my bahu!

This is interesting and funny observation I have noticed in my family 1. My mama son got married. I saw my mami coming with her bahu to our house. 2. My bhua son got married. I saw my bhua coming to my house with her bahu. 3. Same happened when other bhuas son got married. […]