The Traits of being a human.

No matter how many times i try not to be human, I am reminded I am.

I always think that i am important in few people’s life, but it matters most when they think same about me. That i am important in their life.

Is it Ego which hurts me most, or me showing signs of humanness.

Why do i want someone to thank me if i help someone. Why do i feel bad if someone doesn’t even mention me in his thoughts when i feel I have helped them.

This is same issue my dad suffered from. Probably I consider this to be the main reason of his death. The expectations from people whom you stand for. When those people let you down it hurts where it should hurt most.

I need to learn, not to expect

???? ?? ????? ??? ??? –  as they say it.

Hard to do. Hard to not to be human. Hard to be honest. Hard to be a good Man.

Knowing the issue even hurts more when i cant do anything about it

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