Updates of Life.

Its almost 75 days since i blogged last time.

Lot of people ask me, why I am not so regular while blogging, updating my blog.

Well here I am.

A trip to Kerala, Indore, And Bhutan.

Kerala was a very good business trip. Indore also work cum plesure and Bhutan Pure fun.

Also have turned a year older on June 13. I thank everyone for their wishes.

The best part about past three months is  i have been happy, a lot happier then usual. Travel Helps, and happiness is a place. I plan to travel a lot in coming months, Places like Andaman, Lakswadeep, Mount everst base camp, leh, and himachal are on the list.  I plan to go asap there. A small trip to konark can never be ruled out :). Love that place.

Few things i have noted is

1. You dont need loads of money to stay happy.

2. Happiness is a also a count of number of good people you know and interact with.

3.  You need  to go out and do stuff that you want to do, just thinking wont help.

4. Always stay postive. Never think negative, this is also a good change in me, i have started think positively from always negative approach to always (not always..) postive approach to life.

5. Do what you like to do.

6. Learn to say no to things you dont like. Dont worry too much about consequences.

7. A lot of good people can get insecure and get irritated by small things which should bother them least.

8. Few people whom you think you can count on, double check them.

9. Keep things clear in your mind and with everyone. Need to work on this.

10. Always keep exit plans always ready.

11. There is a pure joy in giving, give as much as you can give, alteast make people smile, do a jig, give money, give small treats, dont miss a single chance to be happy.

12. Belive in stranger at times. I met so many good people in Bhutan, that i cant them on fingers, all of the, good people.  Including a sister dolly.

13.  Always watch your back, people might be staring at you 🙂

14. Click lot of pics, specially your own,  you might look worse after few years.

15. Go on long trips sometimes.

16. Buy a ipod, listen to good music.

17. No impulse buying.

18. When in rome do as romans do.

19. Call your loved ones, dear ones, friends regularly. keep a check on them. 🙂

20. Give surprises as everyone likes surprises.

21. To be happy you have to make others happy. which is difficult.

22. Talk to your mom. sit with her and talk to her for hour or two. Not about serials that you hate most.

23 . Develop taste for things that you dont like. Like mava kachori, it took me two years to develop taste for it.

24. Dont think too much just do it.

25.  write Regularly and do spell check.

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  1. good one…my dear friend…u r absolutely right…but one fine day you’ll realize that all the good things u did and all the good ways you followed will give you joy and true happiness is just within you…inside you…u just need to find that…all the best for ur travel and ur search

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