Get Life Back : Wake up Jit

Every time when I sleep late. There is a dilemma in my mind. Things don’t slow down. They run by same pace. Say if I have slept at 4am and the alarm clock is 9.30am. And if I wake up at 9.20, the tension starts. I say to myself oh god only 10 more minutes of sleep. It’s the same situation, when we had exams and in morning we had to revise whole book again and 10 more minutes were left. The next ten minutes are spent in get sleep, complete the good dream that I am watching.

When I sleep 8 hours, I think oh what a day, I slept 8 hrs. I feel so good.

8 hours seem like super luxury to me where as 4 and half hours seems like misery. The luxury vs misery games is always there. Where as sleeping is in my hands, but all stupid reasons like watching movies, surfing internet, catching up with friends, rechecking mail 1000th time, checking how much money I have earned can wait for next day.

Also sleeping late means, waking up late, means catching up with whole day. Doing last minute things.
I have also noticed that the day I wake up early, my whole work is done quickly. Watching SunRise, gives me enough energy to feel the day.

What pains most is knowing what is wrong and doing nothing about it.

This is new target of life, wake up early, get the life back.

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