Get Life Back : Be a Man

The time I entered college,  I was in my teens, fascinated about gadgets, technology, girls. Had pimples on face which worried me the most.  College was meant to make us men. Men who could go to world and face it and conquer it.

There were many aspects of being men, earn livelihood, become famous, be more social, contribute to family, society, country.

As the final year of college came, a fear set in me. All easy life that I have lived is about to go. There will be no more freedom, no more pocket money, no more free life,  and worst of all, the friends which I had made for lifetime will go. We will communicate on mail, phone or via other means, but hardly any physical means will be  there.

Being from business family I had many options, do a job or join family business or do further studies.

I knew how to earn money, as its in my blood, how to earn.  In my final years of college,  I was earning enough to sustain myself, have my pocket money, watch as many movies I liked etc. But the feeling of loosing freedom was scary. I knew the day I came home, all this would be gone.

After exams I decided to stay in hostel, till results came. Another month of time with friends, watching movies, all friends had gone, one by one, I could see them going their to their homes, bidding farewell to each of friends, I knew I am not going to meet most of them in my life.

It was tough moment for me. Finally results came, I stayed in hosted even after results, and then after a month left for Mumbai.  But what I couldn’t leave behind was my college days. I am still a college kid, who pretends to be in college, does what he likes to do, ride bikes (may be that’s why I don’t have a car), watches 2-3 movies in night, or I am doing silly stuff that we did in college,  Still preferring my  jeans to anything, still have clothes problem that I had in college.

I think its time to move on. Accept that I am in this world and prove what we were meant to do.

strongBe a Man./strong

Note:  After college, I have met many friends, and it was amazing meeting all of you, the love, admiration I have got from them is amazing, and I love them.  But college was best.

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