Here comes the scorching heat and pulpy mangoes!

🙂 🙂
All i can do i smile by thinking about this upcoming summer. It reminds me of many many past summers, scorching heat and wonderful time I have had in the past.

Initially it was, going to rajasthan asap and spending as much time there as much possible. I remember people asking ” Gaon Ja raha hain kya”. Almost everyone in mumbai has a Gaon, where he has come from. Lots of people go there every summer, then there was no train reservations, or mineral water or other amenities, it was fun going to rajasthan.  I am glad my dad took us there every year. Else how would i have seen my great great grandmother, her affection for us.  Met all my cousin sisters, strolled around.

Then  i remember  during my school days in rajasthan, the small fridge in our house, stealing of mangoes, the rubber slippers which I used to forget often here and there, sleeping in day time, comic books, vacations.

Then during my X, i remember, my grandpa realizing, i was big enough to learn business secrets, hence commissioned to my dads uncles shop to learn to learn the nitty-gritty of business. It was also nice time, Lots of fun.

Duding XI, i found my self studying for XII, watching cable Tv, Thinking about someone all the time, spending time with friends.

After XII, going to Kota in super heat with 5 friends, Amit, Manish, bheru and khush kumar. Kota was special, we had amazing fun there. lots of movies. Did Everything apart from studies. What else could have one asked for. I remember spending one summer @48 degrees C and no fan.

Then new summers during my college time was another funny period. Super heat of jodhpur made us strong. The houses are made of stone and during night they emit heat. No matter what you do, one is being roasted and consumed.

After that a few summers went by just like that, didnt even know it was summer apart from just talking “Kya Garmi Hain”

2 years back was also nice when we went to shimala, kullu, chail, manali, amritsar, waga, jaipur.

Last year was a change. I decided to enjoy summer like we did before. Mom went to rajasthan and left her kitchen to my custody. It became damn cool. Cooking own meals, Mangoes. TV was super fun. Mango party to friends is also remembered by all.

This 2011 Summer will be much much better i Am sure of. The max fun that we can have. In office as well Outside. Hope everyone has a great summer.  A visit to mango orchad and 2-3 short trips and a long one.

What about you, do you remember any of your summers.

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