My Weight gain Journey

It all started with 2002. The year i completed my engineering and came to Mumbai. I used to live with my cousin and we used to cook our own food. The food was a feast everyday. Unlimited. Eat still stomach hurts. We used to eat twice required.  May be it was the detox from leaving the hostel life.  Since 4 years i have been eating outside. Craving for home made food.

Finally the inevitable happened,  I was heavier by 6 kg. From 72 i went to 78.

The next year i went to my home town, ended up being 88 Kg.

Then every year i have put on 1-2Kg, Today i stand at 103Kg.

Always on Rise.  Its a constant mental  struggle to loose weight. I have tried diets, exercises for 1-2 days and nothing has worked and by the way i m going i know nothing will work.

I want to end this mental struggle, everyday thinking of how to loose weight. It sucks.

The moment you wake up its there. The sinking feeling sets in that I am so over weight. People around me dont understand how i feel, they just feel and give me stupid reasons and suggestions all the time.

Do this, do that and all bullshit crap. Its so difficult mentally they dont understand, I plan to be normal weight in coming year, I will make no plans, just be vigilant what i eat.  That starts with monitoring. I will monitor what i eat and i will blog everyday about what i think.

I hope it works. I need all your support. Please help me. Thanks.


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