Weight Loss Advantages : Why Should you loose that extra Weight

Imagine waking up and carrying a 20kg or 45 pounds sack on your back all day. Sleeping with it. Feel the pain already.  Being Overweight or Obese or Fat is difficult. I want to loose that extra 20kg sack.

What Happens when i loose 20kg?

1. My Weight will go down from 95kg to 75kg.
2. Waist Size will be 32-34 Which means
3. I can wear Nice clothes fitting clothes. I will get more options to wear.
4. I need not be conscious about my weight every time, every day.
5. I can stop making jokes about my weight.
6. I will get more admiration for loosing weight.
7. I Can Live a better personal life.
8. Constant Nagging about weight in my Mind will go away.
9. I can prevent myself from weight related disease like heart problem, blood pressure, diabetes.
10. My Snoring will reduce, and so will my being conscious about sleeping at relatives or friends places.
11. Can increase My Motivation.
12. Being More fit will help me in my passion for travel. Fit people travel more, enjoy more.
13. I can Enjoy Food In better way without feeling Guilty.
14. I hate my pics because i look bad in them. This will change.
15. I can socialize more.
16. Sleep apnea will reduce and will have better sleeping patterns.

What i will be doing is  Visualize all the benefits for 60 seconds everyday. Just by thinking about benefits motivates me.

If You plan to loose weight try this trick.

  1. Just visualize for a minute by thinking about all super benefits of loosing weight. It will motivate you.
  2. Visualize everyday at specific times of the day or whenever you have time


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