Its time now

Its time.

One day i woke up and realised its time.

What happened to me? All of sudden?

Time for what?

Time to choose between quality and quanitity.
Time to choose between deciding the two paths of life.
Time to decide core philosophy of life, I am going to live.
Time to choose minimalism.
Time to do something meaningful.
Time to ignore my ego.
Time to be happy by making other people happy.
Time to shun I, me, myself.
Time to share the knowledge.
Time to live to my principles.
Time to work 10x.
Time to say no to unacceptable things.
Time to say yes that fit.
Time to say no to things that don’t fit.
Time to wake up early and take a cold bath.
Time to read more books.
Time to shun virtual friends.
Time to kill social presence and make real presence.
Time to give time to friends
Time to call my friends.
Time to make todo list smaller and tick them.
Time to be happy in small things.
Time to leave the news.
Time to avoid sensational media.
Time to see a coin from both sides.
Time not to just worry about world events.
Time not to be depressed.
Time to leave the unlimited versions.
Time to eat sensibly.
Time to exercise.
Time to loose weight.
Time to write more.
Time to give family first priority.
Time to make a dent in the universe.

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