Overwhelemed by choice!

43 best booker books.
1 every year. Can we read them in a year’s time.? What happens to other award winners? Do we read them?
Imdb 100 of movies every year, we cant see all of them, what do we do? So much to choose and so less time to do.
Do you ever feel that you are being left out?
Flipkart 1000 of shoes, which one to choose, 1000 of shirts which one to choose, 1000 of jeans which one to choose.  I know which one to choose, the one that fits, but what about choices.
A restaurant, 200 dishes in menu, what to eat, what to leave.. spoiled by choices?
In leh i asked a monk same question, that i feel being left out.. so much to choose. He adviced some course..
how to overcome this dilemma of choosing?

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