A year that was 2010

Cadbury Silk with Choco chips is what we can call year 2010. What a year 2010 was. Went so smoothl and nice.

What I did and understood.

1.       Bought Digital Camera (a long wait after first one ditched me long time back)

2.       Went to Rajasthan to see Ganguar. This was trip which had no reason to go but went to see gangaur.  A true sense of freedom. Do what we want to do.

3.       Helped a couple of friends to start their own ventures into same field I am. Shared a few secrets. Realized that sanjeev kapoor is becomes even better by sharing his recipes.

4.       Got a old time friend onboard, a trustworthy person, a reliable person.  Have heard it takes ages to find one.

5.       Watched a lot of quality movies and said no to crap movies.

6.       Travelled in local train twice and found out how it can help me in reducing stress.

7.       Bought a bunch of super websites. Life set ab to.

8.       Earning wise 2010 was better than 2009.

9.       Helped a guy to get his life partner.

10.   Bathed almost every single day (except a few). Yes lots of people will be surprised to know this.

11.   Got a new 10 seat office. All new ideas will come from here.

12.   A programmer left the office. Which I thought was bad but it turned out to be good. Now I can focus more and in better way.

13.   Helped one of my cousins and giving him idea about markets and he is doing well, I am happy.

14.   Talked more often to few friends, got in touch with them.

15.   Found out that few perceptions we stick to years can be wrong.  Things can change with time. Like love, it’s two way medium not one way.

16.   Saw a few people’s real faces who just think about themselves.

17.   Tried to understand the concept of simplicity.

18.   Went to Shoe smith, asked him to stich my shoes. I would have never done that in other case but did that I feel very happy doing this.

19.   Spent wisely.

20.   Got my Ipad. Used it for a month. Mom loves it. I hardly use it now.

21.   Got good people in office.

22.   Understood how one brother can be selfish that he can ignore his other brother at all.

23.   Understood that a few people forget you when their work is done and can talk to you about standards when suddenly money comes into their pocket. Shame on such people.

24.   Didn’t go anywhere.

25.   Cut down faltu expenses.

26.   Ordered a few books then 2009.

27.   Shared a few books in 2009.

28.   Helped people with money in small amount. This is place where I know things can go against.

29.   Met very few relatives.

30.   Tried a few dieting attempts

31.   Had mango party at house

32.   Had Pizza party at house

33.   Made Food on my own when mom was not there.

34.  Spent whole year in 1jeans.

35. Stayed away from lickers.

What did you do, how do you see 2010 going and 2011 coming for you?

2 Thoughts on A year that was 2010

  1. Is all true? 🙂 Life is so different na….as years pass by, new changes venture into our lives and we are bounded to accept the changes and move on with it. some changes are for good and some take you down the drain…..But its true that joys are sweeter after spending one whole night in the lap of darkness.

  2. Thanks for sharing

    May God fulfill all ur wished this year

    1) Started My new Business at my hometown with my Boss who brings me in stock market field.
    2) Enjoyed a lot even with busy schedule.

    1) Will try to take one personal car on down payment
    2) Hope this year i can take Daytrading in top 30 sites of stock market.

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