MarwadiNama – I love licking your boots.

There is a village, it has 15 families of same caste and religion.

Now these families live together with lots of jealousy, hatred, and what not. All hidden inside, on the face they are are good to each other.

Everyone has masks..

One Day few of them group up and hatch a conspiracy against you. To do a social boycott against you. (This happens in most of places I have seen).

They blame one of your family members of Witchcraft (LOL). They blame that you specialize in hunting people, making them sick, bad rituals, etc etc. Also known as tona totka , hikotra etc.

Any one falls ill u are seen as suspect.

You are socially boycotted which means.

1. No one will come to your house.

2. No business with you

3. No relations with you

4. Bitching about you starts

5. Spread a bad word about you.

Apart from that they try to break your family Using special divide and rule formula.

So in simple words you are isolated.

Its true that this happens.

After few years things are solved as they need you for funds.
A few people decide to go again and forget past in which you were insulated and fucked up.
Just to prevent that any harm they can do you kill your inner voice (do we have them any more), go there talk to everyone as nothing happened. Lick their boots.
Why do people love doing it. Reasons unknown.

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